CCTS 40001: Pharmacogenomics (Spring)

This course is open to undergraduates, graduate students and fellows and is aimed at advancing knowledge of the genetic basis for variable drug response. Clinician trainees receive enrichment in objective methods for assessing variable drug response, understanding genetic variation and analyzing genotype-phenotype relationships. Trainees attend didactic lectures, participate in debates related to current pharmacogenomic issues, work with graduate or undergraduate students on preparing grant proposals and complete problem sets to gain experience in exploring how genetics may explain variation in response or toxicity to drugs.

CCTS 40004: Advanced Clinical Pharmacology I: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Drug Development (Autumn)

This course provides an interactive introduction to fundamental principles of the practice of clinical pharmacology relevant to drug development and personalized therapeutics. Topics include: pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, protein binding, absorption and renal and hepatic elimination, pharmacodynamics, introduction to modeling methods, evaluation of adverse events, and pre-clinical and clinical elements of drug development.

CCTS 40005: Clinical Therapeutics Seminar Series (Year Round)

This weekly seminar series joins faculty and trainees in intellectual discourse across Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics and is comprised of journal clubs, research-in-progress, guest lecturers from the University and outside, and teaching in clinical therapeutics.

Essentials of Patient-Oriented Research (Autumn, Winter, Spring)

This three-part course is designed to provide trainees in clinical science with fundamental education for conducting safe and ethical human-subject investigations. This course comprises a series of integrated weekly lectures exploring specific topics of patient-oriented research throughout the academic year. Lectures focus on methods for planning, funding, conducting, and reporting clinical research.


MEDC 77700: Advanced Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Trainees teach and participate in this popular elective. This is the annual fourth-year medical student course that re-introduces basic concepts of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics to medical students after they’ve completed clerkships and decided on their career specialty interests. Trainees direct the students on cases that will improve understanding and management of problems in medicine and therapeutics.

Other Recommended Courses (not required)

BIOS 22247: Principles of Pharmacology

CCTS 44000: Professors Seminar Series on Clinical Trials

HGEN 46900: Humang Genetics II: Human Variation and Disease

HGEN 47100: Human Genetics III: Introductory Statistical Genetics

HGEN 47300: Genomics and Systems Biology

HSTD 30700: Clinical Epidemiology

HSTD 32100: Introduction to Biostatistics

HSTD 32700: Biostatistical Methods

HSTD 32907: Introduction to Clinical Trials

ISTP 30440: Systems Biology & Disease Journal Club

MEDC 30777: Pharmacology

CERTs Summer Program in Outcomes Research Training (SPORT)

CHeSS Health Economics Workshop

*Trainees will not participate in more than 5 hours per week on didactic and course studies.