About Us

This program is designed for M.D., Ph.D., and Pharm.D. graduates interested in:

personalized medicine


new drug development

classical clinical pharmacology

genetics of drug abuse

clinical trial design



Our training program will offer you:

  • formal coursework in clinical pharmacology and pharmacogenomics

  • routine interaction with peers and faculty in your field

  • a well-supervised educational experience, which includes:

    • essential knowledge and skills related to pharmacology

    • clinical experience

    • opportunities to learn latest experimental techniques

    • experience in presenting research results

  • eligibility to become board certified in Clinical Pharmacology

  • possibilities for joint fellowship in a variety of areas


General Information

Stipends are determined by years of experience and go according to NIH guidelines. Click here to view current rates. Trainees are eligible to receive selected University benefit options, including health care insurance and are entitled to compensated leave time including vacation, designated University holidays and sick days.